Inclusion: What is Best For Students With Disabilities Essay

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Are all children created equal? Are they all the same? Do they all need the same things? Can they all excel at the same pace? These and many more questions come up when we discuss the topic of inclusion. Inclusion is the term many educational professionals use to explain the integration of students with special needs into regular education classes. The terms mainstreaming, deinstitutionized, normalization, as well as the least restrictive environment all have been used to in the past to refer to inclusion. Is inclusion what is best for all students with disabilities? What steps need to be taken in order to achieve this goal? If we look back into history of education we can see how far inclusion has come. Before 1965 if a child had a…show more content…
Some disagree with inclusion, thinking that by including children with special needs in a classroom we are going to have to lower the educational standards for the entire classroom. This is just not the case. If inclusion is done right it will increase student’s learning– all students, not just the students with special needs. There are about 11% of students across the United States on Individual Education Plans (IEP) qualifying them for special education. Inclusion is an extremely broad topic, so a bit of background on the programs and have they use inclusion in the middle school where I am working may help to understand. We have four different special education programs; a Developmental Leaning Center (DLC), an Educational Resource Classroom (ERC), Learning Resource Classroom (LRC), and an Emotional Growth Classroom (EGC). Each of these programs caters to different levels and needs of the students. The DLC self-contained classroom is by far the program with the lowest functioning students. This classroom is set up to teach basic life skills needed to survive. They do very little inclusion in this class; some are mainstreamed for P.E. and possibly some electives. An ERC is also a self contained classroom and has students who are low in academics as well as behaviors. The students in this program are learning at about a 1st to 4th grade level. This is the program I work in, we mainstream our students for at

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