Inclusion of Queers in Professional Sports

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The marginalization that queer people face in America has, throughout history, limited their ability to feel comfortable and participate in professional sports. Players and personnel tend to lean towards their homophobia and question if they will be subjected to “stare downs” in the locker room instead of questioning the skills of a player who is gay. Sports, like football, believe the institution is not ready for openly gay player because of various reasons; but this is just hidden bigotry behind fancy words. To break down this discriminatory barrier, there needs to be a change in the definition of masculinity in sports. The boundaries of manhood are forever changing in America and it should not be limited to only heterosexuals. Players who come out after retirement have helped to break down the barriers queer men and women face. Their presence has proven that queer athletes are as skilled, abled, and successful as straight athletes. However, queer youth still need more role models that are active in their sports. This lets them know that it is possible for gay and straight players are able to co-exist within professional sports. The recognition and participation of out gay athletes matter towards cultural and social issues within the 21st century. The inclusion of queers in professional sports will help break the idea that they cannot persevere in mainstream sports. " these social scripts act to prepare a division of gay and straight; all youth, regardless of

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