Essay on Incorporating Adventure in Your Life

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A person must always choose between living their life accustomed to settling for less or actually living their lives the way they want to. We suffer from the fear of missing out on life experiences and in the end all we really want is to be happy of the life we chose to live. The willingness to take an adventure can range for example someone quitting their job that they hate and going after for the job they actually want. A second type of adventure can be a little bigger than that like actually having the ambition of finishing school and reaching the profession that you aspired to have in your life. Lastly an adventure can go as far as moving out of a small town and into the city where no one knows who you are and the adventure of your …show more content…

At a point in life we get eager for something different and that is when we take upon that adventure to find something new.
An adventure can range on how much of a drastic change it has on your life. Starting from the bottom to the top is a goal that most people aspire. No one wants to be stuck in a job for the rest of their lives where there not going to be happy with what they are doing. In most cases you just think of kids’ right out of high school going to college to make something of themselves but in some other cases its older young adults and older adults that want to take the risk of going back to school to better themselves. There is no age limit on dreaming for what you want and for example most college students are taking the adventure of going to school and reaching their future ideal profession. If people didn’t have the motivation to aspire to be better we wouldn’t have doctors, lawyers, and fire fighters in our world. The world is filled with many people that just need to push to have adventure in their lives; people should not settle and be stuck in a job where they have to hate not only their jobs but sometimes their own lives. Our own parents for many people are living examples of people that want better lives for us they are the ones that show us that if we don’t make something of our lives we will regret it. Change will not come to us but we have to go after change. Taking an adventure in life is something you have to do

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