Increase Sports Budget Essay

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We are asking you to increase the sports budget due to the fact that we can add more sports to our school that we don’t already have. Increasing the sports budget will make kids be happier, give them the opportunity to get scholarships to college, and make the adolescents at MT more fit physically. Sports can make kids feel less lonely and more happy. According to the video Notebook. Kids and Sports, “The loneliest kids were the ones who lack athletic confidence or who shun sports altogether.” (Notebook) Getting outdoors and playing any sport will make any lonely kid have something to do. Not only that, but sports also help build important relationships that can be used later in life such as teamwork and trust. Through sports, teenagers can get more involved in their school community if we add some of the main sports they play such as soccer, swimming, and baseball/softball. New sports may also be a great chance for colleges to notice athletes and offer scholarships early as well. College scouts can begin looking for their next big superstar when kids are fairly young. Middle school is no exception. Adding sports that are more common for teenagers to play may increase their chance of getting seen by colleges. For example, hockey players have an 11% chance of getting a college scholarship, and adding hockey to MT would make students be noticed. …show more content…

Although some studies show that teen athletes between 14 and 19 years old have had increased emergency room visits for concussions (Report), we could increase the budget to get better and more secure equipment for all sports. We could also hire a trainer to help make sure that students on the teams aren’t doing anything to injure themselves more. Also, sports helps get kids in great physical shape. Some injuries may be prevented and treated, but people may also be worried about the stress sports puts on

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