Increasing Cost Of Being Uninsured

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Increasing costs of insurance are leaving some people out in the cold. I am one of the many people that fit into the mold of being “uninsured”. I cannot afford the price it costs to have the protective umbrella around me. Health care is emerging as one of the biggest issues to be brought to the table. Many families are paying an average of $3,000.00 a month for a family of 4. To be caught without it is unthinkable for families (Ferguson, 2011). Such high costs vastly increase the amount that families must earn to meet their needs. Many believe that the United States has the best health care system in the world. The best treatments, the best medical technology, the best pharmaceuticals, but this is like a cruel joke to the uninsured who include …show more content…

First, it can improve standards of care. Data collected by the Electronic Health Records provides the best treatment methods; leading to a healthier population (Ferguson, 2001). It is tangent to the over-all goal of knowing the best way to handle treatment for each individual patient. Second, it will bring increased patient participation and collaboration. Our health spending is in a large part due to our chronic health issues. Chronic diseases brought on by poor lifestyle choices are difficult to handle, but IT provides a better way for organizations to develop new disease management solutions to address the issue. Data retrieved from EHR’s could also be beneficial in figuring out ways to curtail costs associated with chronic illness. The third way is the healthcare industry is continuously changing, and that results in an overpowering amount of information to distill and absorb. Also, the coming wave of electronic clinical data provides us an opportunity to replace old-fashioned, volume-based, fee for service business model with one fixated on the quality of the product. And last, but certainly not least, health IT should be used as a tool to include the patient in his or her own care. We need to become better educated as patients. Also, standing up and questioning services, quality, and price to make this break …show more content…

You better believe it. We all need to keep up with the Jones’. The benefits of IT can accumulate in a number of areas. Poorly handwritten orders and documents and associated sickness and death will be a thing of the past. Nursing production will improve with less time spent filing and retaining charts and more time will be available for patient care (Ferguson, 2011). Physicians can reduce the risk of transcript error by entering documentation themselves. They can also increase their decisions with incomplete information or to physically go to the clinic or health center to access a chart. Health IT can also lead to an increase in the overall effectiveness in the provision of management, and accelerating hospital functions to reduce the length of hospital stays. The sharing of healthcare information among providers will likely yield a substantial benefit for overall healthcare effectiveness as well. Some of the significant benefits of health IT use are decrease in treatment errors, better management of chronic conditions and improvements in preventative health screenings. To make the most of our investment, it is important to focus on the enhancement of construction of a secure data exchange with a secure server and interoperable health information network (Ferguson, 2011). The future is so bright. We must strive to continue to advance in technology. If we fall down, we lose our spot in the race against other countries. So, yes, investment

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