Increasing Higher Level Science Classes During Grades 11 And 12

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Using the survey and interviews of teachers, I wanted to answer the question “What is causing fewer females than males to pursue higher level science classes during grades 11 and 12?” I gathered both qualitative and quantitative data from these activities. From the survey, given to 11th and 12th grade female students who were either have taken or will be taking an AP science classes or regular science class this year, it was evident that there is a lack of interest with science outside the classroom, but most believe they have a good understanding in scientific tasks. This survey was given to 23 female students who met the criteria. Out of the 23 females, nine of them have been or would be in an AP science course. Of the female students who have been enrolled in an AP science course, 89% feel like they have a lot of success in science and 78% of them feel these courses help with their future career choice, yet even though they believe their teachers have made science exciting, all of them believe the school lacks the opportunities for pursuing science related fields. The difference between the female students in AP courses and those who are not, have a different outlook on how they feel regarding being successful. The remaining 14 girls, 78% of them feel successful within their science courses. From the interviews from fellow teachers, across the board there is a lack of female presence in most AP science classes with the exception of biology. As for the other science
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