Increasing the Power and Efficiency of Engines

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All type of engines in a car uses the same principle ~ rotational force caused by the combustion of fuel with air in the combustion chamber that moves the car. But the automotive industry is evolving more and more with new engines having more power and efficiency. Both the older car engines and the modern car engines use the same principle, but the modern car engines suit the modern situations whereas driving an older car in a city sometimes can be a pain. Let’s first focus on how an engine works. At first, the fuel (gasoline) is mixed with air and ignited in the cylinder. There will be a piston in this cylinder that moves up and down due to the gasoline-air explosion. When the piston continuously move up and down, the crankshaft (which is connected to the piston) will rotate. This crankshaft will transmit the power causing the car’s wheels to move. This is a process that happens every time you press the accelerator. This sound simple, but each part is considered to create a better engines in the future, the ones with higher efficiency, power and at the same time come with a reasonable size. To increase the efficiency of the engines of the car, automotive engineers these days are recommending direct injection technology. (Refer to the picture below, it shows How the Direct Inject Engine work) Our car engines in this modern day, are not really that efficient (only 15% of the energy from the gasoline is actually converted into mechanical energy which is used to move the

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