Incredible British and French Revolution

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The British Revolution is very different from the French Revolution. Many different events and issues led up to the British and French Revolutions that make them different from one another. For example the primary factor that led to the British Revolution was the power of religion. While, the French Revolution was based upon feudalism as well as the inequality of the third estate. There are many different aspects of the British and French Revolutions that make one stand out from the other and together they are both marked as important events that occurred in European history. Background of the British Revolution In order to depict the differences between the British Revolution and French Revolution it is important to understand the background information and why the British Revolution occurred. The British Revolution occurred in England from 1640 to1660. Author Michael Richard’s explains the origins of the British Revolution by showing that “The policies followed by Charles I and his advisors in the 1620’s particularly in the arena of foreign affairs produced some tension and opposition.” In other words, the people in England were unhappy with King Charles I and the policies he was enforcing. Another circumstance that occurred in the British Revolution was the consent of…
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