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Extreme relationships often tend to be abusive in
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In this way she understand each other’s point of view.
The intensity in our story develops when our narrator discovers she really doesn’t love Peter. It’s when he asks her if she fancy’s the waiter (151), when she understands, at that moment she does not love him. Here is when she falls out of love in Sarajevo. It is because our narrator has a certain abusive struggle from Peter, that she seems to change her mind about him in such an instance. But through out the story she doesn’t seem to mind the way he mentally abuses her, how he’s always putting her down, and she doesn’t seem to understand that he still thinks of his wife but is practically with her for the fact she’s a good “LAY”. Her constant thought of Mrs. Piper, Peter’s wife, although she never physically appears in the story, she seems to always be present in her and his mind, making it hard for her to be fully with her lover (Peter) and in this way further extend her fantasious love relationship. She seems to be in denial about what truly is going on, and how she wants to make this work, when in deed she’s only in it for the grade, but she doesn’t want to

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