Indi An Emerging Economy And A Beacon Of High Tech Modernity

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World’s largest democracy, an emerging economy and on the race to become a regional/global superpower: India has come a long way in the past few decades. Despite the evident threats of bankruptcy, caste politics and Hindu Nationalism, India is a great example of unity in diversity and ‘a beacon of high-tech modernity’. (Corbridge et al, 2013). However, it can be said that India is stuck between a prodigious need for cultural renaissance and the banes of class politics. (Pradhan et al, 2105: 12). The caste system in India is intricately correlated to class stratification and this is of immense political value in India as class and caste differences shape the politics in India till a great extent. In this essay, I will begin by talking about the association between class and caste, as this is an important aspect in order to understand how these issues shape the politics of India. Further on, I will talk about the gradual emergence of classes over the period of time and their influence on politics, beginning with colonial period and concluding with the modern India. I will then attempt to display the crucial role played by the classes during the 2014 elections. The essay will then discuss how the Indian middle-class contributes to shaping the politics of India. I will then go on to write about the other classes and their influence over politics. To conclude, I will talk about how class is just one of the innumerable other factors contributing to the politics in India. In

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