India Caste System

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) Attitude to hierarchy A) The India's caste system

India has a hierarchical caste system in the society. Within Indian culture, Hindu or Muslim, urban or village, virtually all things, people, and groups of people are ranked according to various essential qualities. The social Hierarchy is present everywhere in India. Although India is a political democracy, in daily life there is a little adherence to notions of equality.

Castes systems in India and caste like groups, classified in five groups with which almost all Indians are associated, are ranked. Everyone knows the relative rankings of each locally represented caste, and people's behavior toward one another is constantly shaped by this knowledge.
Castes system in India is
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India's leaders are thinking at the solutions they should adopt to respond to lower-caste leaders most desire: a law or a mandate for caste quotas in private companies.
B) Economic consequences
The Indian private sector has vehemently rejected the system of quotas. The corporate sector has argued that caste-based hiring will reduce efficiency and competitiveness. For some actors of this sector, caste criteria don’t work in the today’s knowledge economy. Some have even claimed that caste-based reservations will not be acceptable to Western multinationals who will take their business to other countries.
To explain this threat, big company like Microsoft which is present in some country where talent is in abundance, can be seduce by China or Eastern Europe because actions like affirmative action which reduce country competitiveness or attractiveness are feared.
Experts warn that the new quotas could exacerbate a major constraint on India's economic expansion. One of these reasons, a lack of well-trained talent suitable for a multinational work environment.

C) Affirmative action in education, training…
The issue of college-admissions quotas is particularly significant in India because such a large proportion of India's population is so young: More than 600 million people in a nation of 1.1 billion are 25 or younger.
To reduce discrimination, Schools like Indian Institutes of Technology and the Indian Institutes of Management have already 22.5 percent quota

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