Indian Boy Love Song Analysis

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The poems “New Orleans” by Joy Harjo and “Indian Boy Love Song (#2) by Sherman Alexie have two very similar themes. Themes are underlying message, or main ideas, basically the theme is the lesson you learned after you read a story, or in this instance a poem. The theme in “New Orleans” is that you should put forth the effort to find out about your culture's history. While the theme of “Indian Boy Love Song(#2) is that you should, try your hardest to become close to your elders, don’t be distant. While both themes are focused on their culture, “New Orleans” is actually looking for information on her Creek culture, but “Indian Boy Love Song (#2)” is apologizing about how he’s distant from his culture. In the poem “New Orleans” the theme is that to learn more about your culture, you should put forth the effort. To get this message Harjo used compare and contrasting. For example “ They caught him in blue rock, said don’t talk. I know it wasn’t just a horse that went crazy.” This is showing development because it’s showing how her people got caught, and they attacked any and everything. Another way the author shows this is by saying “I have a memory. It swims deep in blood, a delta in the skin.” This shows that her heritage runs deep through her. In addition to these two quotes, another quote that shows relation toward this development is “ Nearby is a shop with ivory and knives. There are red rocks. The man behind the counter has no idea that he is inside magic stones. He

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