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In American Asian Indians form one of the smallest minorities, yet in their homeland has the largest population in the world. America was influenced by their beliefs before the first immigrant. Many of the Indians came to American as early as the turn of the century, in which they where denied citizenship until a congressional act granted it in 1946(Lee 106). Most of them are now artists, writers, musicians, and scientists. Asian Indians have supplied numerous contributions to the culture and immaculate being of US; majorities of these contributions regulate to the science field.
Asian Indians immigrated in the period of 1830- 1890. In this time India was in admirable shape. …show more content…

Assimilation-blending into the larger society-has been more difficult for Asian immigrants than for European ones, for Asians can be identified for by their physical appearance even when there clothing, speech, and actions have been completely Americanized (Bagai 74).
India has made many contributions and many people have contributed them. For more than hundred years, America had enjoyed India's written philosophies. In 1893 Swami Vivekananda came to the US from the Parliament of Religions (76). His eloquence and enthusiasm made him one of the most popular speakers. Gobindram Jhamandas was born in 1891 in Sind, he established the Watumull Foundation, which has built educational links between India and America (Takaki2 34). Many contributions have been made threw the years, a list can go on and on, these contributions have been made by the people who have been so persistent.
India's most important contribution is in the science field, for they have put earth and the space in line. Theirs not limit to there knowledge in science. Dr. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar; an astrophysicist who contributed to enable us to study internal constitution of stars (Takaki2 32). Which connects the earth to the space and tells us more about what's out there.

Dr. Harbans L. Arora; biologist from Rockefell

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