Indian Women's Role In The Fur Trade Society

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The reading that I will respond to will be the from the second week reading, which is about the role of the native women in the fur trade society. The story intrigued me, since the story is about the role of woman and it is a rather controversial topic. The role of woman was rather unclear in the past with the men dominate all the power ladder inside the society. It is not a surprise that native woman did not get any credit at all for their hard work as they are viewed as workforce, a piece of chess moved by the men to benefit themselves. The author of the book is trying to help the women to regain their credit in the society. Understanding history will not be complete with only the help from the men’s perspective, it requires perspective from both genders and this idea is being strongly grasped by the author to prove that sexual difference makes us to understand the history as a whole.
For starter, the reading claimed that the fur trade has been viewed as an all-male affair, but new research has indicated that Indian woman played a rather significant role in this trade. This is not a surprise to me regarding the involvement of Indian women and how they impact the trade. During that era, everything is dominated by male and it is natural that the male getting all the
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By ignoring the role of women in history, we could not see the whole picture in understanding history. The role of women is necessary to understand the minor details. For example, the one who improve the traders’ position and trade in the fur trade society is actually the women with them marrying the traders. History is a matter of cause and effect, even the slightest change of action could change the course of history. The same things goes for women, even though their contributions were not being admitted by the society at that time, they affect the course of the
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