Indians Treated Differently According To The Colony Essay

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In different parts of this text Natives have been viewed differently according to the colony. For example in the Treaty of Lancaster, the Natives are discussed in a respectable way, with great loyalty of them to the colony and a good will to fight with them against the French. They also talk about them as if they respect them and fear them; as a result, to make peace they offer gifts to the Iroquois Indians (66). In this document, they might talk about the Indians this way because they might be afraid of hostility against them and since they need more expansion on the frontier. They need to make peace with the people who live in those areas before they could inhabit them. It might also be convenient alight them so they could fight the French …show more content…

This might be though thanks to the leaders being afraid of a rebellion of the poor so as a result they created this to separate the races so they might each other instead of coming together (67). Finally, we see that Indians are mention once again in the letter to the Lords of Trade which explains the relation with the Indians (74). In this letter Indians are seem as informers, or tools, ready to fight for the colonies against the French and their allied natives. Other Indians are seem as week and easy manipulated by the Indians who were allied with the colonies. He mention the alliance of some Indians with the French and how they affect the colonies and their ships (75). This might be different from the other pieces of historical sources because in this document the colonies seem to be scared of the French and the governor of New York finds the militia of their colony can’t put a fight to the French and their Natives arguing them (76). In conclusion, many of the colonies were afraid of the Indians so in many of the documents they alight the Indians instead by trading and giving them goods of fighting

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