Indigenous Healing : Exploring Traditional Paths Essay

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In Rupert Ross’s novel, entitled, “Indigenous Healing: Exploring Traditional Paths”, he explores the indigenous point of view. More specifically, Ross looks at the meaning of living relationally, the circular vison culture, the impacts of colonialism of the western world on First Nations people, as well as how to bring awareness to non-native people of the tragedies that Aboriginals have and are still going through. Rupert Ross first focuses on the idea of relational living in his novel. He was asked by an Elder about western judicial systems and why our people believe that law comes from books. He soon understood what the elder had meant. Westernized people and the books from which we obtain our laws only punish the offenders, while the Elder and his people believe that, “you could not deal with the offender alone. They were the product of all their relationships, and a true justice system would have to bring in the other parties (…) if there were to be hope of turning him around.”(Ross, 8) In First Nations culture, they believe that a person is the combination of all the relationships they have ever had. So to live relationally generally means to take into consideration how many parties are affected and become the consequence of your actions. This also means to realize that humans are no better than any other object here on earth. Which is why most Aboriginal ceremonies are closed by the people saying ““All my relations”- referring not just to aunties and grandfathers but

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