Individual Culture Versus Society Culture Essay

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Although living in a multicultural society might bring disadvantages like isolation and racial judgements, the benefits are more powerful resulting in an adapting society where individuals are free to live any culture. When an individual has a culture than the prevailing society they can be affected in either a positive way or a negative way. There have been in many instances were people change their culture due to joining the societies culture and others just use the culture for benefits like in Mukherjee's essay. In other occasions individuals have been exposed to racism due to them being from another culture that does not accommodate to their society. With all these diverse cultures in America individuals should respect every persons …show more content…

One of the worst things that can occur to an individual is to commit suicide because the society that the individual lives in does not approve of his/her culture. When I was in middle school I had a friend that was Mexican and had barely arrived to America and did not have any knowledge of the English language. He was called names by others, as well as being bullied because he did not know English and that mad me angry to think that he was just arriving and people already showed hate towards him just because he was not from the United States. After some time he left, no one knows where, if to another school or back to his native country which made me reflect that I should never make fun anyone from another culture because they come to succeed not be bullied. Culture is important and if there is someone who is from another culture and not from the main societies culture they should be treated the same as everyone else because he is a human being just like them. When an individual is from a culture that is not from the dominating society there are many advantages to this. You have the chance to get to know others from the other culture, therefore learning their religion, cooking, styles, and lots more. Learning from others is cool but as you learn about the other culture you should introduce your culture and show others your learning style. Learning the language is a good skill because that way there won't be be a hard time

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