Individual Psychology in the Real World

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Individual psychology is a theory developed by Alfred Alder to explain human personality and the behaviors that stem from that personality. His personality theory regards people in a positive light especially in their potential to overcome physical disabilities and the feelings of inferiority that stem from them. Individual psychology can also be used to explain underlying causes of mental and physical disorders. Susan E. Belangee in her article “Couples and Eating Disorders: An Individual Psychology Approach” examines the factors that lead to eating disorders and how eating disorders affect adult intimate relationships through Adler’s personality theory. Belangee deems individual psychology as an effective approach to treating eating disorders. Examining eating disorders through individual psychology expands one’s understanding of personality and how its development can lead to issues such as eating disorders. Viewing eating disorders in such a way is also consistent with other research and provides a useful application of the theory through its use in therapy.
According to Belangee (2007) most of the research regarding couples and marriage implicates that marriage can prolong eating disorders especially if the intimate relationship is unsatisfying and a source of stress (pp. 294-295). More recent research has shown that married women may have more severe symptoms due to being older than unmarried individuals suffering from eating disorders but there is little data

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