Individualism or Collectivism in Society Essay

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Debate Question: Which ideological group has had the greatest impact on modern society? Individualism or Collectivism. Terms: Individualism-> when you value the freedom and worth of the individual, sometimes over the security and harmony of the group or a belief in the importance of the individual and the virtue of self-reliance and personal independence

Collectivism-> is basically when you think that values and the goals of the group and the common good over the goals of any one individual are the most beneficial. It stresses human interdependence and the importance of a collective, rather than the importance of separate individuals

Ideological-> the way we view the world and other people through our beliefs and …show more content…

If we all work together to help people out we can get a lot of ideas put together and do a lot of good for the group. In Canada we are a mostly collective country especially next to the states. We have universal health care which widely helps out people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to see a doctor or dentist without it.

If the government helps people out then the standard of living would increase. Poverty could be diminished, health problems could be cured, and people would be able to afford leisurely activities putting money back into the government to help others out. Health care would be free and widely available to all to use. No having to pay for expensive prescriptions and doctors visits cutting back on the spread of diseases and sick people. Public property is used and is managed by a collective to benefit everyone in the community. All kids can go to school no matter their parents financial state giving them a chance to finish and go on to post secondary and get a good paying job. In Saudi Arabia and Sweden schooling is paid for by the government from kindergarten all the way to post secondary education. It benefits everyone because everyone can go to school regardless of their wealth. It inspires people to get a good education and a good job. Of course you have to have the marks to get into post secondary but its paid for. Studies have shown that people living in a collective society have lower crime rates than those who are living in a

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