Individuality, By Logan Fey

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Individuality is the quality that people that makes each person unique and distinguishable from each other. It is important to remain distinct from others, even among groups of people that are classified as either the same or very similar. While individuality is a concept that many people agree with and want to ensure, the pressure from most people’s lives, including their environment and the people around them, forces individuals to lose who they truly are and morph in order to fit in. I strongly agree that individuality, while important, is difficult to keep because of outside factors, a concept that was presented by Logan Fey. Throughout people’s lives, many aspects determine the identities of individuals. Perhaps some would argue that many characteristics that a person has are not changeable and are given to him or her at birth. This is definitely true because some parts of one’s identity includes birth date and nationality. On the other hand, the majority of one’s characteristics and identity are shaped and changed after birth. These include “individual tastes, talents, values, and aspirations,” as Fey says. Yet, if all the people are shaped by their environment, everyone would end up the same and not have distinct uniquenesses that differ from other people. In order to still keep one’s individuality and remain separate from his or her peers and relations, a person should not allow what other people think of him influence how he thinks of himself. One example is Sonia

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