Individuality In Trifles

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In Susan Glaspell’s “Trifles” Glaspell uses a murder investigation of a woman’s husband to demonstrate the different roles of men and women in the early 1900’s. Glaspell shows the reader through small significant objects that the men think are inessential to illustrate the greater value women have other than merely taking care of a household. She illustrates through important evidence the importance of individuality, and freedom between men and women. In this play Mrs. Wright is being held for her husband’s murder while Mr. Peters (Sheriff), his wife, the county attorney, and Mr. and Mrs. Hale all look for evidence to find her motive for killing her husband. The women begin to find clues of the intent of Mr. Wright’s murder, while the men…show more content…
The stage movement that Glaspell uses is very significant to the women. After being criticized by the men the women begin to get closer together implying that they are going to be loyal to Mrs. Wright and not the men. “Well women are used to worrying over trifles. (The two women move a little closer together) (Glaspell) The woman’s movement together also is significant because they can sympathize with Mrs. Wright. “I know how things can be for women. I tell you, it’s queer, Mrs. Peters. We live close together and we live far apart. We all go through the same things- it’s all just a different kind of same thing.” (Glaspell) Another example of the women occurs when Mrs. Hale is speaking to the county attorney about why the house is so gloomy. The county attorney thinks it’s because of Mrs. Wright’s lack of housekeeping that causes the house to be gloomy, but Mrs. Hale understands what it’s like to be a housekeeper and what it holds. She thinks it is Mr. Wrights fault because he has left Mrs. Wright lonely. “No- it’s not cheerful. I shouldn’t say she had the home making instinct. Well, I don’t know as Wright had, either” (Glaspell) The Wright’s also did not have any children which Mrs. Hale stated “Not having children makes less work- but makes a quiet house.” (Glaspell) Mrs. Wright was completely secluded from human interaction except for
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