Individuals Who Holds Positive Traits

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Humans are constantly observing, categorizing, critically analyzing, and making judgments of those who are around them. In doing so, one of the first things we draw a conclusion from in formulating one’s character is by observing their facial appearance and attractiveness, or so they say. According to Implicit Personality Theory, people form and group numerous types of personality traits together (Aaronson, Wilson, & Akert, 2010). Having said that people more likely than not, always tend to group people who they find facially attractive as also having a good and positive personality trait (Eagly, Ashmore, Makhijani, & Longo, 1991). However, it is actually quite the opposite because it’s the other way around. Individuals with positive…show more content…
Being the first article addressed in this paper, in this research experiment done by Gross and Crofton (1977), their subjects totaled in 125 individuals (69 males and 56 females). These university students who participated in the study received a reward of partial fulfillment for a required introductory course in Psychology. In manipulating the independent variable for the cause of their study, Gross and Crofton (1977) randomly assigned their subjects into three equally divided groups where each individual received photos with attached personality trait description that were either “favorable,” “average,” or “unfavorable” personality trait. Gross and Crofton (1977) stated that each individual in each group were to rate forty-six photos with their randomly assigned personality trait and they were to rate each photo with 1 being very unattractive to 7 being very attractive. As the result of this study done by Gross & Crofton (1977) in attributing facial attraction based on the person’s positive trait, it was evident that people weigh positive trait in concluding if an individual is facially attractive. It was found that between 85-95% of the subjects highly found photos with favorable personality description as being more attractive (Gross & Crofton, 1977). As the conclusion of this study, it is obvious that people doesn’t just base how they look at attractiveness and beauty on physical
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