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PSYC 201 Final Exam Click Link Below To Buy: Final Exam Part 1 of 1 - 300.29996 Points Question 1 of 35 8.58 Points According to our text, social psychology is a science that studies the impact of our background B.situations C.aptitudes D.unconscious motives Question 2 of 35 8.58 Points Our perceiving ourselves as athletic, overweight, smart, or shy constitutes our .... A.egocentric beliefs B.interdependent self C.interdependent self D.self-schemas Question 3 of 35 8.58 Points Hypotheses are best characterized by ... A.principles B.axioms C.predictions D.conclusions Question 4 of 35 8.58 Points Random assignment is necessary to... mundane…show more content…
A.complementary hypothesis B.reciprocity norm C.mere-exposure effect Question 20 of 35 8.58 Points The finding that people pair of with others who are equally as attractive is known as A.the matching phenomenon B.complementarity C.the reciprocity effect D.Gause's law Question 21 of 35 8.58 Points Shared goals that necessitate cooperative effort are said to be... A.reciprocal B.superordinate C.equitable D.companionate Question 22 of 35 8.58 Points The _______ is the shared view that people should obey those with legitimate authority. A.reactance B.influence of behavioral norms C.norm of obediance D.normative control Question 23 of 35 8.58 Points Research has indicated that the number of suicides increases following ... A.well publicized suicides B.the Olympic games C.a world war economic recession Question 24 of 35 8.58 Points The author of cognitive dissonance theory was A.Wicker B.Bem C.Bandura D.Festinger Question 25 of 35 8.58 Points Both acting and believing in accord with social pressure is called... A.acceptance B.reactance C.compliance D.interaction Question 26 of 35 8.58 Points When freely chosen action violate important or self-relevant attitudes, the inconsistancy produces an uncomfortable state of tension and arousal termed _______ A.Indirect influence B.cognitive dissonance C.Normative influence D.Informational influence Question 27 of 35 8.58 Points Research

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