Indonesi An Important Factor For Indonesia

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1.1. Background and Introduction Lately, the problems faced by the country are increasingly complex. Starting from the health, environment, socio-cultural to economic and political problems. Among the issues faced by the countries around the world, the economic issue is the most significant thing. The economic problem is not limited to the exchange of goods and services only but also involves economic transaction between one country to another. The increasing complexity of needs of a country creates none of the country able to meet its own needs. Thus, it is a common thing for countries to work together to maintain their economic situation, either cooperation between countries with neighboring countries in the region or countries in other …show more content…

As a country with commodity-based export sector, Indonesia exports $724 million of their oil cake, crude petroleum oils and confidential items to New Zealand. Meanwhile, New Zealand exports $843 million of their milk powder, butter, dairy spreads and frozen beef to Indonesia. 1.1.1. Definition of diplomatic relations “Diplomatic” comes from the Latin word “diploma” which means charter. In the broad sense, diplomatic can be interpreted as legitimate and legal use of a state in conducting foreign policy. In order to establish the relationship between countries, states usually send their diplomats to work in each other’s country (Herde, 2000). The benefit of diplomatic relations is to support the process of democratization, sustained economic stability, social cohesion, tolerance of differences, and to encourage respect, protection of human rights within countries (Herde, 2000). 1.1.2. Background and history of the diplomatic relations between Indonesia and New Zealand In carrying out its foreign relations, Indonesia adheres to the principle of “free and active” foreign policy. "Free” means that Indonesia is not bound by any ideology or by politics of foreign countries or by super power countries. While “active” means that Indonesia actively participated in public order and world peace, with respect for sovereignty of other countries. One of the main purposes of Indonesia

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