Industrial Revolution Effects

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The Industrial Revolution had a negative impact on society. Many people died as a result of this time period in history and also many suffered. Both children and also adults had to face these harsh conditions. There was progression made in technology but society took a major impact as a result.
Children were often times used because of their small sizes and it often led them to their deaths. Factory owners would use their small bodies and small hands do things adults couldn’t, such as cramming between machines to do certain tasks. However, sometimes the machines would fail, and as a result either a bone was broken or the child died. Kids were also unable to attend school while working at factories because of the long hours. At times, the juvenile had to work up to sixteen hours and would only be granted forty minute breaks. Not to mention if the youth got tired and weren't working as hard as the factory wanted, they would whip them. (The Sadler Committee Report)
The conditions in the factory weren’t any better than the machines themselves. The water found in factories was often times infected with lots of bacteria and diseases. As a result, people were dying more from sanitary issues than deaths from any modern wars at the time or wounds. More than 43,000 women lost their husbands and more than 112,000 children lost both their parents because of the terrible sanitary conditions. People were dying thirteen years before the expected lifespan of someone living in Sweden. (Edwin Chadwick)
Factories often built next to rivers or sources of water to power the factories
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