Industrial Revolution Essay

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Everyone goes to work every day to earn and support for their families. A lot of people go to school to aim higher and get a better job that suits them. People have their own reasons why they want to work or why they do not work. Those reasons are the drive that makes them do what they want to do. It’s what drives some people to do well in school and aim higher. The other people get their drive from not going to school but by doing something that makes helps them in the long run. Everyone worked, but when the Industrial Revolution began, it was the start of a new era for the working class of America. The Industrial Revolution was the start of the advancement in technology and the work life. Machines began to become an advancement that …show more content…

He found that everything about the Industrial Revolution was unregulated. It created a whole new society and Marx believed it was not the way society and the work life was supposed to be. “We have proceeded from the premises of political economy. We have accepted its language and its law” (Marx 47). Marx knew that the society was conforming to capitalism. It became a problem for him to think that our society was going accept the way capitalism is going to change the society.Marx was afraid that economic system was going to become more politically involved. In accordance to that theory, it showed that the more politically involved it was, the more private owners that showed up or capitalist. Marx truly believed that capitalism was a forced progress and created more problems in society. With these problems being created, it created a divide of a two-class society. According to Marx, he explained “…whole of society must fall apart into the two classes—the property-owners and the propertyless workers” (Marx 47). When the industrial revolution began, he saw that the companies that formed treated their workers as commodities and nothing else. the two-class society became as though the working class was there to be working and nothing else. The property owners, to Marx, stripped the workers of their identity and what makes them human. Work is supposed to give the worker a place

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