Industrial Revolution Technology

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The Industrial Revolution was a driving force for globalization and technological change. While many advancements occurred during the Industrial Revolution beginning in late 1750 and climaxing around 1870. A crucial innovation came through power technologies; steam engines, electricity, to the creation of sustainable fuel sources like petroleum and kerosene, all provided revolutionary potential. These significant changes and advancements in the world caused a widespread growth and development of new industries leading to a social and domestic alteration for generations to come.

Identifying the significant technological changes that characterized the Industrial Revolution brings attention to the power industry. In our 21st century mindset, we often struggle to relate to a time without our bustling technological infrastructure. However, in the 18th-century terms such as electricity, engines, and machine tools were not commonality for many. Before the start of this Industrial Revolution, the significant sources of power available to industry was only provided by wind and water. As industries grew technology was forced to raise as well; Innovators and scientist began to find the next advancement for the world to utilize in the manufacturing of goods. Steam power was found to be a new medium to provide such improvement to many industries. A century earlier never could have predicted that the use of steam power remained exceptionally productive for many sectors well into the
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