Industrialization During The 19th Century Essay

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During the 19th century in England and other areas of Europe and era of industrialization occurred, which led to the construction of numerous factories equipped with new machines. Significant strides in both communication and transportation occurred during this time period. These factories altered the way that products were manufactured. They took assembly out of people’s homes and into a mass production setting. Although products became cheaper and improved the standard of living for some individuals, industrialization did have its detriments. Poor working conditions were rampant in the factory setting and many employees were hurt on the job. Urbanization occurred without cities having the capacity for such a large number of individuals. As a result of this mass migration into cities, unsanitary conditions and diseases erupted. Industrialization during the 19th century in Europe made mass production possible, however, there were several adverse effects to it as well. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, products would be transported by rudimentary methods, such as a horse and carriage, or by boats. However, this all changed when in 1807 Robert Fulton successfully constructed the first steam powered boat. Over the next century, this invention was modified and improved so that goods could be transported across the Atlantic via steamships. Fulton’s concept of powering a vessel by steam was also applied to trains. In 1803, Richard Trevithick constructed the first

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