Inequality And The Digital Age Essay

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Inequality In The Digital Age Information accessibility has never been more prominent in our society than it has become today. A requirement of being knowledge-intensive in many areas of our society has become prevalent. This is made possible powerful resource and tool known as the Internet. However as accessible the information is, the medium and access to the Internet itself, is not attuned to the information it offers. Digital divide is the term used to describe who has access to digital technologies, as well as those who do not. The topic being discussed here goes further in depth to digital divide, as the term “digital inequality” attempts to research deeper as to how the digital divide affects our society. Digital inequality reaches various socioeconomic, cultural, and demographic aspects of society. A Digital Divide At Home And Abroad Digital devices provide a great advantage for students to those who have access to it. This makes learning and researching more efficient for students. These devices are not limited to only students but to teachers as well. For instance teachers can save and edit documents such as: homework, projects, attendance sheets, etc. As technology improves over time the easier it is for students to learn and get more out of online material. However, not all students are able to access them in school or their very homes. These factors may vary but are not limited to: income, location and education. Income plays a big role between digital
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