Mexican Heritage Essay

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The Heritage Question
Many will argue that focusing on race keeps us from moving forward, but when faced with reality people soon realize that the world judges irrationally by the color of one’s skin. This is extremely obvious in Mexico. Socio-economic inequality characterizes indigenous groups in this country. These communities live in environments with higher levels of poverty; have worse health outcomes, lower life expectancies, and poor academic performance (Servan-Mori para.1). Based on these facts, is it strange to think that these people might want to associate with a specific ethnicity? Considering how discriminated against the indigenous race has been throughout Mexico, it is no wonder they would rather be identified as anything but …show more content…

While it is understandable that in this specific system a person would choose to negate their heritage and opt to categorize themselves as white, the problem here being all their doing is feeding the problem that in the end will affect them as well. The inequalities in Mexico become obvious when one is not of the desired European descent, but rather of indigenous appearance. A national academy investigated genome-wide patterns of Native American population structure within and among Hispanic/Latino populations. They observed Mexicans have the highest Native American ancestries with 50.1 to up to 64 percent (Development of a para.18). With such strong evidence pointing to Mexicans being mainly indigenous, there are still some Mexicans that deliberately identify as just European. The repercussions are the never ending chain of prejudice in this society which affects the country as a whole, but especially indigenous people which are more marginalize. Another reason as to why this form of bigotry seems to be tolerated by Mexican citizens can be said was set in motion by the Spanish colonization and its lasting effects on the people of this country. The system that was left ingrained in Mexico, which destroyed the indigenous society’s integrity and still actively limiting the capacity to rebuild and unite the country, was that of putting anything of European descent as superior while continuing to push indigenous culture and heritage as demeaning and therefore unwanted by Mexicans. Mexican people are primarily of native blood, for any person of this descent to try and classify as non-indigenous is absurd and debilitating to the change needed in the country and within the frame of Mexican society. The after math, according to Dr. Gabriel Coronado, “ As an effect of systematic discrimination,

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