Mexican Pioneers

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In this article Mexicans: Pioneers of a Different Type Gonzalez gives us an outlook different from what we generally read when taught about American History. His effort is to explain how each of the different Latino groups came. What was happening in their home towns that caused them to leave. If people want to accept it, eventually they will have to. That this country is bound to go through an enormous Latino population explosion. Gonzalez writes “Mexican Americans meanwhile, face a frustrating identity problem like that of Puerto Ricans” (pg97). Being a Mexican American myself I could agree that it is at times frustrating identifying. We are either too American to be Mexican. Or too Mexican, to be American. In 1749 because of what was called the promise …show more content…

There is common history between Latin Americans and Anglo Americans, like the Arabs and Jews of the Middle East, cousins in constant conflict, often hearing but not understanding each other. In this chapter Gonzalez tells us about how both Latin American and Anglo-American cultures fabricated their colonial origin. The 1500’s through the early 1800s specially explains the foundation of what now makes up the US. Since early on in time Anglo colonist saw Mexicans as an obstacle to evolution. Unfortunately, because most did not know how to read or write they were easily fooled. Because of this so many were done wrong, at times had their lands taken away. Canelas family were some of the witnesses to the lynching’s which occurred as last as 1917. In 1859 Cortina; a Canelas ancestor, declared was against the Anglo settler minority. In 1929, an important year where we had the first organization intended to break down segregation. The name of that organization was League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). The main goal was to get the Anglo society to accept Mexicans as equal citizens. They could do this by teaching the chief goal to master his

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