Inequality Is Killing The American Dream

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People are poor in the world and people have to turn to Crime just to stay alive. We see this everyday in the south side of Chicago, Brooklyn New York, and Detroit Michigan. This is spreading like wildfire. People are being judged based on their income. People in the book Les Miserables were affected by this because people were judged based on their income level. In Les Miserables JVJ and Fantine are affected by social inequality they need money to survive but they don't so they face consequences. In Inequality is Killing the American dream they said that being poor leads to crime increase and being segregated by income. In addition, it says that people are being judged based on their income and how rich they are. People are expected to make …show more content…

In the beginning JVJ steals a piece of bread to help kids because he did not have enough money to buy bread to help and then he got caught and put into prison. Jean ValJean steals bread to help but he is caught “ The novel opens on Jean kst after he is released from prison from stealing a piece of bread to feed his sister and her starving children.” (Hugo vii). This shows that he care about how the children and his sister are more than himself. In the article Inequality is Killing the American Dream they say that people are being rank and judged based on their status in society and how much money they have. They are not judged for who they are. From the source it says that “People are getting poorer and poorer and Inequality is increasing and people are getting judged based on their income.” “Some perception is that homeless people are thugs but they can be kind hearted and some people think that rich people are nice but they can be jerks. This shows that inequality has changed since the birth of money people have been judged and placed in society based on their income to their true self. Both of the sources say that people have been mistreated for the income. Some people may judge them, even though they may be different people than people think. People think that you can judge and mistreat people based on their income and they

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