Infertility Treatments Are Necessary in Today's Society Essay

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Infertility Treatments: Is it Ethical?
In recent years, several factors have altered the definition of a family. We live in a time where careers, education, and work are now put before starting a family, making it more difficult to have children. The traditional family archetype has changed with a rise in single and homosexual parenting. This change, even though it is a positive one, can result in several people being unable to bear children. Infertility treatments have become a popular choice for these people who cannot have children. These treatments have become popular in books, movies, and other forms, which has brought attention to the ethics of the practices. The ethics of these treatments are challenged by the health risks on people …show more content…

Those who are infertile may feel distressed that they are not able to become a parent, especially if it is one of their life goals. Infertility treatments are vital in giving infertile people the chance to fulfill their lives with a family.
Infertility treatments need to be available simply for the reason that they are helpful for people whose health conditions inhibit them from producing a child of their own. According to the CDC, 6% of married women are infertile and 11% of women have troubles getting pregnant. (CDC). They are also beneficial to single women and men facing infertility issues. People that are infertile may have problems with reproductive organs, hormonal glands, or genetic disorders that impede on these couples ability to get pregnant. Infertility can be difficult to those trying to get pregnant. Research has shown that infertility has negative emotional and psychological effects on a person facing infertility. People dealing with infertility often feel depressed, distressed, as if they were grieving a loss. ( It can also cause negatives effects on the relationships between couples facing infertility. Infertility treatments are necessary because they give people facing health issues the chance to have a child. Health issues should not be a reason why people cannot have children. Not only are infertility treatments beneficial in aiding people facing infertility but other

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