Infidelity Essay

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The topic I decided to write about is infidelity in marriages. I thought this would be a good topic because infidelity has psychology and culture intersect together. Infidelity is attributed to psychology because this is something from each person, it only depends on each one to decide whether cheat or not. In contrast, infidelity is also attributed to culture, infidelity will have a different meaning in every part of the world. Maybe this will be described as an accepted or unaccepted behavior in a society. Furthermore, there is cultures in which the husband is allowed to have more than one wife, and he will treat than equally and do the same things for all wives. However, for many other cultures this would be considered infidelity…show more content…
The first thing that comes on mind when talking about infidelity is the partner having sexual intercourse with a person from the outside of the relationship, but this is not only resumed on that. In alyssa siegel article, she describes infidelity “I define infidelity as any action that violates an implicit or explicit agreement between two people, thereby undermining the relationship. The action may be physical or emotional in nature”. (Siegel, 2013) Of course sexual intercourse is the worst someone can do against to the spouse, but infidelity is beyond more. It can be considered infidelity just the “desire” for another person, a kiss, chatting with someone but having intentions behind it or it can even be something emotional. For example, the husband or wife having feelings for another person instead of their actual partner. Infidelity is something that happens a lot and I very different ways. Consequently, this high rate comes along with the facilitation and better opportunities that we have today. Network and social media play a big role, it help everybody’s lives. We have faster access to the world and we communicate better with others. However, it brings out new and easy opportunities for cheating. Evangelos Siozios mentioned “It’s 2014, and apps such as OkCupid and Tinder exist. Today, “swiping,” has erased the formal face to face contact typical to traditional relationship notions. With a flick of a finger one can generate an obscene amount
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