Influence Of The Media And Negative Affect On Black Women

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Title: Influence of the Media and Negative Affect on Black Women
From the beginning of cinema, the media has shown black women as nothing more than objects, dehumanizing them all together. This representation has held a long-lasting impact on both young and old African American women everywhere. The theme of my paper is about the media and how it has a negative impact on black women. The topics that I will be covering includes the following: need to prove the media wrong and working two times as hard as everyone else; social Media, TV and Movies and the roles they play; self-hatred and anger due to the comparisons to other ethnicities and that we are low-class, unattractive, uncivilized, uneducated and have no opportunities to make something of themselves; embracing what Black/ African Studies teaches; influential people and positive acknowledgments; how black women are affected and discouraged due to lack of self-love and knowledge. These impacts can come from another ethnicity and even from the black women themselves because of their lack of knowledge of where they come from, their history and overall grandness. Knowing these facts alone and embracing all that Black Studies teaches can reverse the damage that has been done to black women everywhere from ages one to one hundred. They begin to believe what they see or what they see on about themselves when it is drilled into their heads that all of what is seen in the media is true. Due to lack of knowledge of…
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