Influence of French Food on the Food Service Industry

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The Influence of French Food on the Food Service Industry In the globalized world in which we live today, food is seemingly available from all corners of the world at one's request. One can therefore experience everything from Spanish to Russian to Ethiopian cuisines in a matter of hours, especially in metropolitan cities such as New York, Paris, or Sao Paolo. Yet there are some cuisines that have reigned supreme in the world of dining, and that take the prize for being the most complex, sought after, delicious cuisines ever experienced. French cuisine, one would hope, would be at the forefront of such fantastic experiences. With its delicacies, from escargots to foie gras, French cuisine has impacted many thousands of taste buds across the globe for many centuries. This paper will thus discuss the influence that French food has had upon the food service industry in the United States, in a quick attempt to understand and examine just how sought after French cuisine still is. One of the most obvious influences of French cuisines in America can be felt in New Orleans. This city was established in the 18th century by Ursuline nuns, under the orders of Louis XV of France. Ever since, New Orleans has been central to how one experiences French food in the United States, as well as how one sees the mix of French and American cuisines to produce something truly unique. Yet this kind of French food, or Creole food, as this would be called, is only one facet of the array of dishes
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