Influence of Media on Crime.

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Is Media Responsible for the Increasing Crime Rate?
It is believed that the great Plato had a question similar to this, he was worried whether the violence in plays will have a negative effect on people of his land. We cannot mitigate the influence of media on the society. Some believe that it is the curse for the contemporary society, as it invigorates individuals to commit crimes. Are these people right? Read on to know the answer to this grave question.

Contrary to the popular belief, media is not responsible for the increase in the rate of crime! There is no doubt that, media has the power to inspire, persuade, and provoke the masses, but criticizing it for the rise in crime, is a sign of ignorance. The critics who disparage the …show more content…

Do you believe that the world was a non-violent place before the growth of media? If yes, let me tell you that historical evidences clearly state the brutal acts of violence by rulers who believed in imperialism! The belief that the crime rate is proportional to the exposure to violent stories is false, as the rate of crime has always been fluctuating, but the reporting of stories of violence by the media, has always been on the rise. So, it is very difficult to establish a

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