Influence of culture on personality

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Final Paper I have come to learn, over the course of this summer, that personality is a very interesting yet complex topic in the field of psychology. What is most interesting about the topic is that there are numerous theories that attempt to explain how personality is developed or influenced over time. There are many factors that are said to have an influence on personality, but the one that is most interesting is the idea that personality is shaped by culture. The reason why culture is interesting is because just like personality, culture is also a very complex term that encompasses a lot of factors when we discuss what makes up culture. In using culture as a basis for this paper, I have gathered information on how culture…show more content…
al., 2009). As I read each of the articles and I stated briefly before, the first two articles I discussed were closely related to one another in their attempt to explain and develop conclusions around how personality and culture influence or compliment each other. This analysis is clear because both studies focused on cross-cultural analyses. Although the last article that I chose to use did not speak specifically to how culture (in the typical sense of the word) and personality are related, it discussed how personality can affect the subculture of parenting which I thought was interesting and ads more complexity to this already complex topic. Some of the overall views that all three of the article share is that personality traits constantly change amongst individuals but are largely influenced by the culture that which they are part of. This makes sense because if in my personality I am more introverted than most but my culture tells me to be more extroverted, I am going to try and exhibit what my culture wants also though inherently I am introverted person. Just based on what I have read and the understandings that I have formulated, I think that our personality traits can be altered based on how closely we align ourselves with the cultures that we are around. For example, I am typically an open person, but when I travel places, I am thrown into someone
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