How Culture Influences The Development Of Attitudes

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Attitudes, racism and culture
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An attitude are the long lasting beliefs, feelings, and behavioral responses towards social objects such as other people or issues (Attitudes and Behavior, n.d.). Attitudes can either be positive or negative.

There are three components that underlie every attitude. These are referred to the ABC’S of attitudes and consist of an affective, behavioral and cognitive component. The affective component involves our feelings and or emotions, the behavioral component is the actions and how we act, and the cognitive component consists of our thoughts and feelings (Consumer Behavior: Tripartite Model & Attitude Measurement, n.d.).

How culture influences the development of attitudes

Culture is defined as “The ideas, attitudes, customs, beliefs, values and social behaviour of a particular group of people or society that are passed on from generation to generation” (Brentnall, A., n.d.).

People’s attitudes can be influenced by the culture they are apart of, this is because individual thoughts, actions and feelings are influenced by social groups (Social influence, n.d.). This is also known as social influence which can contribute to the development of our attitudes as it may encourage members to change their beliefs, thoughts and feelings. People can conform with people in culture to have the same attitudes. Conformity can be formed through direct interaction between family, friends and teachers as well

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