Influencers on Yound Adults

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There have been many arguments on this issue that whether family or friends have more influence on young adults. Different people have different way of thinking on this issue. Some consider friends to be more influential on the young adult while others have totally opposite views about it. But according to my view and experience, young adults are more highly influenced by their friends rather than their parents. As we know that, parents are our first teachers and teach us all the fundamental social roles. They teach us how react at every situation of life for example how to respect and behave with relatives and strangers. They are the one who teach us how to talk and make new friends. Parents spend more time with their children. Since children don't have enough experience and skills in both personal and social life, they mostly prefer parent to provide them most of the information regarding to the matter. But despite off all the hard work of parents in teaching the ethic and moral lesson, we youngster follow more of our friends than parents. Parent spend their whole life in polishing the behaviors of their children but the influence of good or bad friends can change the personality of a person totally in a very instant moment. They are many examples and reason behind why youngsters are easily influenced by friends. First of all, young adult are more mature today than previous years. They are given more freedom and are more out going now. They have the ability to express

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