Influences Of Superstitions

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The influence of superstitions on people`s personal life What is superstition? It is belief which is not based on human reason or scientific knowledge, but is connected with old ideas about magic, religious belief or legends which are passed down from our ancestor. For instance: Clay “pepper” on a wall believed to protect the inhabitants of the house from harm. The reason this is named a superstition is because no one can prove that any “pepper “able to protect from damaging and devils. Furthermore, “pepper” can`t defend, it is only describing of any person in his or her own way. The word superstition is generally utilized to refer…show more content…
While the formation of the Latin word is clear, from the verb super-stare, “to stand over, stand upon; survive”, its original intended sense is less clear. It can be interpreted as “standing over a thing in amazement or awe”. Most superstitions have two different parts. One is about good luck; another is about bad luck. For good luck, take superstition of Uzbek, Turkish and mostly belong to European countries as example, in the wedding day, bride passes her flower to back, if a friend of bride touches, the bride`s friend would be marry quickly. For bad luck, take Thailand superstitions as example; Don’t eat while lying down because you will come back as a snake in your next life. These are just two common examples of superstitions. They, less or more, have some effects on our…show more content…
Because then you will destroy your own luck.
* If you see a black cat by chance then you will have bad luck.
* When you will eat noodless don’t cut the noodle because the longer the noodle the more you live
*Don’t eat while lying down because you will come back as a snake in your next life
* Don’t cut your hair on Wednesday or you will have bad luck
* A left eye twitch is a sign of bad luck. A right eye twitch means good luck
* A salt shaker shouldn’t be passed from hand to hand instead, it must be placed on the table for the other person to pick it up themselves.
*If while sweeping the broom hits the feet of a single person that person never marries.
*Never leave your handbag on the floor or your money will run away.
*Chimneys should always be capped or witches might climb down it. People tend to believe events to supernatural causes most often under two
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