Influencing Health by the Assumptions of Feminist Theory

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Title: How would the notion of health/ environment/person/nursing be influenced by the assumptions of feminist theory Introduction Nursing, in common with any other branch of knowledge or disciplines, has always been influenced by current philosophies or perspectives. Fawcett identifies four metaparadigms that are intrinsic to the field of nursing: health/ environment/person/and nursing. Health refers to the generalized condition as contextual to that particular individual; environment is holistic including social and cultural dynamics; 'person' refers to the sick individual as a person rather than a 'patient'; and 'nursing' refers to the root of nursing i.e. caring rather than as a mechanized set of practices. One of the bodies of cultural assumptions that has had a powerful impact on all aspects of our life, including nursing, is feminism. The following essay explores Feminism's impact on nursing as a whole and then takes a more focused look on Feminism's impact on each of Fawcett's four dimensions. Nursing and Feminism Nursing has, inevitably, been one of these rare professions that have been historically associated with women due likely to stereotypes of nurturing and care that are implicitly identified as a feminine trait. Nursing, too, has almost always been linked with women, such as most famously with Florence Nightingale. For better and for worse, therefore, nursing has been shaped by women. Feminism, a philosophy that revolves around females and social
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