Influential Americans in Politics

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Influential Americans in Politics
In the United States’ history, many of our presidents excelled in making this country a better place. Although they may be the head of this nation, they were not always the ones who made major impacts. Governors, senators, abolitionists and congressman all helped change this country and make it what it is today. Past senators Huey Long, Salmon Chase, and William Seward in particular helped change this great nation for the good. They all somewhat had the same view politically and had similar goals.
All three of these men were very much for equal rights for all people. Huey Long was no exception to this. Long truly believed
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Long rebutted that the “Share Our Wealth” program was meant to help all poor people; these people included African American and other backgrounds – a radical addition for an extremely segregated society.
Long accused that the nation’s economic downfall was the result of the massive difference between the super-rich and everyone else. In Long’s opinion, this abundance of money among only the minority of people (wealthy bankers, entrepreneurs and businessmen) limited its availability for average citizens - these citizens were the people working in harsh conditions for minimal pay. [2]
Huey Long executed extraordinary programs of reconstruction and improvement in Louisiana – building roads and bridges, providing free public education and expanding voting rights to all citizens. The underprivileged citizens observed Long as a hero of the common man. The wealthy saw Long as threat and ridiculed him in the media as a demagogue and tyrant. [3]
Huey Long never received credit for the government reforms that resulted from his “Share Our Wealth” movement. [4] Although he persisted in trying to end the failing economy, The Great Depression continued for six years after Long’s death. Many of today’s federal programs include ideas brought to light by Long. These include social security, veterans’ benefits, financial aid for colleges and schooling, labor rights, minimum wage and 40-hour work week standards, Medicare and Medicaid, food stamps
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