Informal Assessment Of Student 1

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Overall, the informal assessment of Student 1 indicates that she lacks in the academic language vocabulary and grammar more than the social language functions. While she was able to converse with me during the interview part smoothly, she struggled with answering the questions after we had read the A-Z passage, and which required more complex language skills than the conversational ones. The assessment also indicates that she is a very bright student who was able to quickly grasp the new language, and who did very well with regards to the SOLOM assessment. It’s also evident that a strong foundation of the first language, and a passion for reading were significant factors facilitating learning of the new language.
Student 2
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He said: “I know what it means but I don’t know how to explain it”. I also noticed that he occasionally inserts the words “You know” into the middle of the sentence, and also he uses the word “something” to substitute the word he does not know/remember. Student 2 speaks with an accent, however it is not as definite as in the Student 1’s speech. I scored his pronunciation at a level 4 out of 5 due to the occasional errors in pronunciation of short vowels, e.g. he substituted /a:/ with Polish /o/ in the word “stop”; he also said /dad/ when pronouncing “that”, and /oder/ while pronouncing the word “other”. Generally, his pronunciation is comprehensible, and does not require concentration on the part of the listener. Finally, Student 2 scored at a level 4 out of 5 on the grammar part of the oral assessment. He consistently uses appropriate tenses, plural, endings, comparisons of adjectives, and word order. He struggles with more sophisticated grammatical sentences, such as Past perfect, Reported Speech, II and III Conditional Sentences, e.g. “She thought she is going to ride a horse”, “Before she came to the ranch, she thought life on the ranch is going to be easy”, “I didn’t know English when I moved here. If I knew English, it would be easier”. The analysis of Student 2 running records, as well as a brief interview I conducted with him in English indicate his quick acquisition of the second language.

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