Informatics In Pain Management Essay

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Use of Informatics in Pain Management
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Use of Informatics in Pain Management Pain Management is a specialty in modern medicine, which focuses on treating all categories of pain such as spinal, neuropathic, sickle cell, and musculoskeletal pain disorders. According to Johnson, Collett, and Castro-Lopes (2013) pain management cases constitute about a third of PCPs (Primary Care Physicians) appointments. However, only sixty-percent or less of patients treated for chronic pain in routine practice setting achieves adequate pain relief. Some of the issues attributed to low success rate in chronic pain management can be associated with information management. In that regard, the process …show more content…

According to Aiyegbusi et al. (2017), a sickle cell crisis is associated with episodes acute pain, which is the leading cause of hospitalization for the victims of the disease. A single hospitalization, for a sickle cell crisis case, may last from two weeks to over a month; hence, a patient encounters an immense challenge of keeping a job. In addition, Careful medication is required to treat sickle cell pain due to the frequent need to change drugs and the addictive nature of some substances used to reduce pain. Therefore, managing such a condition in the current pain management environment can be highly tasking to physicians and patients.
A qualitative method was used to conduct the study on informatics due to the need of secondary data about the topic. The approach was considered the best for that research due to time constraints and the existence and easy accessibility of immense information on the study topic. Therefore, the study began with an online search of secondary materials in digital libraries using a set of key words and phrases. Some of the key words and phrases used include ‘Informatics in healthcare’, ‘informatics in pain management’, ‘pain management’, ‘sickle cell pain management’, ‘Informatics’, EPRON, advantages of Using EPRON in medical practice, and ‘challenges in sickle cell management’,. Digital libraries considered include google scholar,

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