Information Security And Effective Corporate Governance And Fraud Prevention

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Information is everywhere in business and good information management is considered to be important any organization. Organizations and individuals are highly affected by misuses of information that result from security failures. This report has been compiled after thorough research on information security and it focuses on technical side of this critical issue and the impact of personal behaviour in securing organizational systems. The fact remains that even with implementing good mandatory controls; the application of computing defences has not kept pace with abusers attempts to undercut them. Through studies of information security infringement behaviours have focused on some aspects of security lapses and have provided some …show more content…

IT improves communication thus improving customer satisfaction and encourages innovation and creativity which can be used in business growth and expansion. IT also improves the Human Resource Management process and saves time through automation of various tasks. The use of internet and computers to work eliminated the space and time boundaries as employees can work from anywhere and anytime.

Though we enjoy the benefits that come with technology at work, it also tends to be risky, especially when it comes to data/information security. Those employees in important decision making positions will need access to private business information which can pose as a threat, as it is very difficult to monitor the usage and privacy of this information. Employees carry flash drives at work, so they can easily transfer critical business information and use it for their own personal gains.

One of the worst and most widespread crimes is identity theft. Such thefts where individuals’ Social Security and credit card numbers are stolen and used by thieves are not new. Criminals have always obtained information about other people—by stealing wallets or dumpster digging. But widespread electronic sharing and databases have made the crime worse. Because financial institutions, data processing firms, and retail businesses are reluctant to reveal incidents in which their customers’ personal financial information

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