Information Technology : One Of The Information System In Bangladesh

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In this current phenomena, information technology has arrived to a pick point where everything depends on it as well as the business sector. It is quite impossible to run a business without the use of information system. RFID is one of the booming technology of this era which helps the business sectors in monitoring and securing inventory, serving customers fast and easily. RFID systems use tiny tags with embedded microchips containing data about an item and its location to transmit radio signals over to a short distance to RFID reader (Laudon 2017-2018). Library is one of the biggest areas where information system can be used extremely. North South University Library is one of the best library in Bangladesh. Bi-lingual Library Management …show more content…

RFID was first invented by Charlie Walton. He is the inventor of RFID. It was developed in 1930.This technology first applied in World War II for identify the aero planes.
In the 1970s Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Northwestern University, was applying RFID technology to track nuclear materials.
From 2005 RFID was widely used all industrial sectors. According to industry officials, RFID technology is being used more and more as a way to track containers and verify service. Now RFID is uses in waste and recycling industry tracking repair of waste container. Waste and recycling company getting benefits to using RFID. It also use in asset tracking management.
RFID was also used in animal. Another application field of RFID was the tracking of livestock. Originally the technology was used to monitor cows that were on medication. It is animal identification system. It is used to find animal. Lost animal quickly back to owner by RFID. Animal was monitored by RFID. RFID chips are inserted inside animal body. First RFID was use in animal in New Zealand. It was applied on dogs in 2006.
RFID is being used in supply chain. It is used in movement of product. In 1999 Prof. David Brock and Prof. Sanjay Sarma had been doing some research for decreasing cost on RFID tags on all products that are made to track them through the

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