Supply Chain Management And Tracking Persistence And Different Industries

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In current era we have seen many implementations and changes which are globally used for logistics and implemented in several ways. In that RFID is one of the top implementing technologies in logistics. These are mainly used in the supply chain management and tracking persistence and different industries. In logistics management is to confirm the accessibility of resource at minimum cost for production. Make sure they deliver on time the products of low cost to the customer. Logistics is the process of strategically managing finding and storage of materials, part and complete inventory through organizational it’s selling channels in such a way that current futures profits are take advantage of through cost effective fulfillment order. We …show more content…

Material handling: This material handling mainly covers the receiving, moving, storing, delivering activities. It mainly impacts on the cost.
Packaging: This packaging type consists of consumer packing and industrial packaging.
Operating objectives of logistics
• Rapid response
• Minimum variance
• Minimum inventory
• Movement consolidation
• Quality
• Life cycle support(LOGISTICS- OVERVIEW , 2008)
Current state of RFID in Logistics
According to the 2014 18th Annual Third Party Logistics Study, survey results showed the continuing, positive overall nature of shipper-3PL relationships. Equally of these get together view them as being successful, and shippers are seeing positive results again this year. The typical logistics cost reduction of 11percent, average inventory cost reduction of 6percent and an average fixed logistics cost reduction of 23percent (p. 4). We can see the most of the reduced by the most percentage. The good news is that the shipper continue to provide the by continuous improvement 55percent and, the experience in the shipper industry are 49percent and about the ongoing relationships are 42percent as important selection of standards. Modifying concerns about the impact of concentration is the finding that the majority of the shippers and 3PLs say that their interactions have grown more over the past three years. There is lot more new talent and new thinking in the 3PL technology. There is

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