Informational Text Analysis

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This week there was a lot of material that was looked it. The topics included historical fiction, informational text, and nonfiction. All of these genres are very different. With historical fiction and nonfiction, the textbook went over what each genre is, the evolution of each, and some of the categories within the genre. The articles this week were about informational text and historical fiction. Along with the textbook and articles there were many books required for our picture book project, which were about many different topics. Historical fiction is a fun yet informational genre for people to read. “Reading historical fiction provides students with a vicarious experience for places and people they otherwise never know” (Rycik, Rosler,…show more content…
Less of the information is just made up. An example of a historical fiction book I read is titled When Mr. Jefferson Came to…show more content…
Informational and nonfiction books are similar in a lot of ways, but there are some key things about them that are different. They are the same in the fact that the information in both are true, the major difference is that informational text does not need to have all the organizational tools, that a nonfiction book requires. There is not a table of contents, glossary, or index. Informational text is important because they “build background knowledge and support content learning” (Yopp, Yopp, 2012 p.480). Informational books can be used when learning about a particular subject like nonfiction, informational text are just more relaxed when compared to nonfiction. An informational text I read this week is titled Ladybugs and this book is about ladybugs, tells different facts about what they are, the body of them, and other important facts about ladybugs. The difference between this book and the nonfiction book about Martin Luther King Jr, is that in Ladybugs there isn’t any of the organizational tools used. This book is meant to teach a reader about ladybugs without it looking like a typical nonfiction
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