Informative Essay: A Brief Note On Ocean Climate Change

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Hadi Eck
Ocean Climate Change Issues

When I think about the effects for global warming I think the idea that most people think about is what its doing to the climate. Not the other issues at hand, whether it be the melting of the ice caps or how it affects ecosystems. An important issue that I think really matters that other people don’t understand is what affect does climate change have on the oceans. The world is covered in about 70% water and climate change must have a large impact on the ocean in someway. I think the ocean is one of the most important ecosystems that needs to be addressed and conserved. We live in a world that exploits natural resources at a tremendous rate and the ocean being one of the largest of that. From overfishing
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Society already has a problem with over fishing that greatly changes the ecosystem of the ocean. The oceans have depleted a large amount of fish which is significantly caused by this. With climate change it has greatly reduced the habitat of these creatures. According to an article “Loss of oxygen in the oceans is one of the serious side effects of a warming atmosphere, and a major threat to marine life” (Ayush 2016). I believe that this is a huge problem that many citizens or nations are not aware of. The ocean is home to a diverse amount of life that lives in a balanced system. Humans are known for changing their environment and the ocean is one of the environments that has been greatly altered. According to one of our books “If these preliminary research results are correct, increasing ocean acidity could disrupt ocean food webs and global food supplies” (Miller & Spoolman 2011). I think society needs to focus more on regulating issues at hand. There’s only increasing information to back climate change and more information is being released on daily…show more content…
The fishing industry is a large market, its one of the largest food sources. Since the ocean is already being depleted at a fast pace its daunting to think about what that means for the economy. Millions of people will lose jobs and push people into poverty. The human population is growing at tremendous rate, which will only increase the need for more sustainable regulations and sources of food. ”63 percent of global fish stocks are now considered overfished. 40,000 jobs were lost with the collapse of just one overfished cod population” (“Overfishing” 2016). With the growing amount of people and decrease in food supply it seems like society is headed for a downfall. I find it hard to imagine a way of reducing this problem. Sure there is stronger regulations that can enforced but there will always be people who break the rules and are only concerned about there own
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